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Our aim is to provide bulls that will add value to your business.

New Zealand Angus are great all rounders. They are used in crossbreeding programs for their maternal ability, market value, carcase quality and for their growth and hardiness. Here at Waitangi Angus, productive fertility is paramount. 

Females are bred as yearlings, they must get in calf, produce and then wean an acceptable calf and continue to do so annually, otherwise they are simply culled from the herd. Calving difficulties are a rarity at Waitangi and are not tolerated.

Waitangi Angus Cow and Her Calf

We set out to breed moderate framed cattle with good temperament that have the capacity to grow out to good finished carcase weights, yet have the ability to thrive and perform in all sorts of conditions. 

Structural soundness is fundamental and we also place much emphasis on carcase attributes in conformation, fleshing and cover.

Practical stockmanship, experience and common sense guide us, combined with carcase scanning, Breedplan and the use of EBV’s which, although not perfect, are the best tools that we have in rationalizing the measuring that we undertake. 


All progeny are i50K tested to enhance genetic selection and animal performance. All our cattle are continually measured and scrutinized and any that fail to meet the benchmark are removed regardless.

We believe that it is important that any breeding programme should be producing a consistent even type or line of cattle to be successful, obviously this must be backed up by performance. Whilst this is an ongoing process we at Waitangi are proud of the conformity and consistency of the cattle that we produce.

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